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2019 Annual BBQ Event ANNOUNCEMENT: The annual Somali Community BBQ Event is coming up on the long weekend of Saturday June 29th 2019 at Waterloo Park from 12:00 PM - 8:00

Somali Language School for KG - Grade 12 students is now open every Sataurday from 9:00AM-To-11:30AM. Location is Forest Heights Collegiate Institute (255 Fischer-Hallman Road Kitchener).

Iskuulka afsoomaaliga ee KG ilaa Fasalka 12 hada wuu furan yahay subax kasta oo sabti ah 9:00AM ilaa 11:30AM.
Goobta: Forest Heights Collegiate Institute 255 Fischer-Hallman Road Kitchener.

* 2012 High School Grad. & Caltural Event
Community BBQ 2011
* Ramadan Soccer Game

2nd Annual SCAWR soccer Tournament - May 2013 President Message
Up Coming Events and Updates - Ogeysiinta iyo dhacdooyinka
2019 Annual BBQ Event
ANNOUNCEMENT: The annual Somali Community BBQ Event is coming up on the long weekend of Saturday June 29th 2019 at Waterloo Park from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Please spread the word and join us. Volunteers are Needed
Somali Fund Raising Dinner -Saturday April 29 @ 6pm
A Night of Hope: Somali Famine Fundraising Dinner. Location: 65 Hanson Ave, Kitchener, ON N2C 2H6
2016 Annual BBq event
ANNOUCEMENT: The annual Somali Community BBQ Event is coming up on the LONG weekend of Saturday September 3rd/2016 in Waterloo Park from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Please spread the word and join us. Volunteers are Needed
SCAWR AGM Saturday April 11 starting at 3PM
OGAYSIIS:- Waxaa la ugaysiinayaa dhamaan bulshada ku dhaqan Gobolka Waterloo Region in ay kasoo qayb galaan doorashada Jaaliyada oo dhici doonta taariikhda hoos ku xussan: DATE AND TIME :- Saturday April 11th 2015 at 3PM LOCATION AND ADDRESS -
2014 SCAWR Graduation and Cultural event August 23, 2014
Please join us celebrate the SCAWR graduation event, talent, and cultural display event. Date: Saturday August 23, 2014 Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm Location: Chandler Mowat Community center (222 Chandler Dr, Kitchener)
SCAWR 3rd Annual Soccer Tournament Saturday March 15 from 8:00am - 8:00pm
SCAWR 3rd Annual Soccer Tournament is going to take place on Saturday March 15 from 8:00am - 8:00pm. This year, we will host up to 8 teams. Teams are first come first served. Registration fee of $100 per team including lunch. The tournament w
Soccer Tournament Saturday December 28 @ 4pm RIM Park
Tournament between 4 under 18 teams will be competing this Saturday December 28 at 4pm. See you there Insha Allah.
Muxaadaro Sunday October 13 from 5pm
Ogeysiis: Inshaa Allah waxaa jiri doona Muxaadaro ka dhici doonta Dugsiga Umal Qura ee Hazelglen Drive Plaza (101 Hazelglen Drive, Kitchener). Maalinta Axada October 13 at 5pm. Waxaa soo jeedin doona Culimo uu ka mid yahay Imaanka Masjidka Daarul
Somali Language School Starts Saturday Sept. 7
Somali Canadian Association of Waterloo Region is here informs all the Somali parents that the Somali Language and Heritage program is registering new students for both Primary school and High school credit course for 2013/2014 on Saturday September
Summer Community BBQ Event: Saturday August 31 @ Waterloo Park
Inshaa allah - weather Permitting, on Saturday August 31, 2013, we will have BBQ event at Waterloo Park. Please join us this community get together event and celebrate the end of Ramadan. Hadii Alle idmo, cimiladuna wanaagsanaato, waxaa jiri
Cultural/Graduation/Heritage Program event June 22 at Laurentian Public School
SCAWR will be holding the Annual Graduation Ceremony for the Somali youth graduating from high schools. The event includes also the closing ceremony of the Somali Heritage and language program 2013. The event will be held on June 22nd at Laurentian P
2nd ANNUAL SCAWR SOCCER TOURNAMENT Saturday May 18 We will be hosting the second annual SCAWR soccer tournament. This special event will take place on Saturday- May 18th, 2013 over the Victoria day weekend. Location and duration to be announced
SCAWR AGM May 4 2013 from 3-5pm at Laurentian Public School
Dhamaan Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee Gobolka Waterloo Ujeeddo: Doorashada Guddiga Maamulka Waxaan dhamaan xubnaha Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed la socisiineynaa in la qaban doono doorashadii xubnaha maamulka (Board of Directors), sidaas daraadeed, ci
Soccer team meeting Saturday Nover 24 @ 2:30pm.
Soccer players meeting, Saturday November 24 at 2:30pm at the community office. Please be on time.
Basketball Every Friday from 6pm - 10pm - For High School Boys
Starting Friday November 2, 2012, there will be High School Boys Basketball program at Forest Hills Public School 247 Westmount Road East in Kitchener. The program will run every Friday from 6pm - 10pm. There will be girls program on every Saturd
Homework Program/Somali Language School/Basketball
Homework program started on September 18 at A.R.Koafman Public school located 11 Chopping St. (Westmount RD/Chopping). Runs every Wednesday & Thursday from 6pm – 8pm. Open to students of all ages up to grade 12.
Muxaadaro Saturday July 14 @ 5:30pm - Kitchener Masjid
Inshaa allah, there will be Muhadarah this Saturday July 14 from 5:30pm – 9pm. A guest Alim from Cairo, Sh. Abdallah Hambali will be visiting us. It will be in Somali language. Please inform all that you can reach. Illah idinkii, maxaadaro ay
The 1st Annual Somali Cultural & Graduation Event, Saturday June 30 5pm – 1030pm (past)
Join us in The 1st Annual Somali Cultural & High School Graduation Event by Somali Youth of Waterloo Region Event Date: Saturday June 30, 2012 Time: 6:30pm - 10:30pm Location: Laurentian Public School 775 Westmount Rd E, Kitchener Activ
Scawr AGM Scheduled Thursday June 5:30pm - 7:45pm Firm (past)
SCAWR Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to take place on Thursday June 7 5:30pm-7:45pm. We invite all the community members and interested parties to attend. Location: Kitchener Counselling Service, 480 Charles St. East, Kitchener. Kula
1st ANNUAL SCAWR SOCCER TOURNAMENT Saturday March 17 (10:00 AM – 7:00PM) @ BUD Park - ***(Past)***
We are proud to be hosting the first annual SCAWR soccer tournament. This special event will take place on Saturday- March 17th, 2012 over the March Break weekend at Budd Park 1111 Homer Watson Boulevard in Kitchener. There will be teams from d
A Day of Dialogue with Muslim Women - Presented by Coalition of Muslim Women of KW
From the award-nominated organization that brought you last year’s outstanding
"A Day of Dialogue with Muslim Women"
comes a highly anticipated unique and entertaining free event:
Muslim Women:
Home Assistant program is started Jan. 5 (Tues/Thur) - ***(Past)***
We would like to inform you (our students & parents) that the home work assistant program at Kitchener Masjid started. The program re-started on Thursday January 5, 2012 and will continue every Tuesday and Thursdays during the school year.
Community Meeting Saturday December 31 @ 5:00 -8:00 - ***(Past)***
Waxaa Jaaliyadda lagu wargalinayaa in ay kasoo qeyb galaan kulan:  Maalinta: Sabtida, 31da December 2011  Wakhtiga: 5:00PM –7:30PM  Goobta: Masjidka Kitchener (1017 Victoria St N.) Muhiimada kulan kaan waa : • Warbixin
Homework Help After-School Program starting Tuesday Oct. 11, 2011 - ***(Past)***
The Somali Canadian Association of Waterloo Region is proud to announce that we will be implementing a free Homework Help After-School Program. This program is to assist our children and youth improve on their educational skills and to help them exce
“Ogaysiis: Barashada Afka Hooyo” - ***(Past)***
Dhammaan Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee gobolka “Waterloo” waxaa lagu wargalinayaa. 1. In barnaamajka barashada Afsoomaaliga ee sano-dugsiyeedka 2011 – 2012 la bilaabi doono Sebtembar 17, 2011 (Maalin Sabti ah). Dugsiga barnaamajka lagu dhigo waa Fores
SCAWR Summer BBQ Saturday Sept. 3 at Kitchener Masjid - ***(Past)***
BBQ Event September 3, 2011
Waxaan ogeysiineynaa dhamaan bulshada Soomaaliyeed ee Waterloo/Wellington in SCAWR BBQ sameynayso Saturday September 3, 2011 (12:30pm – 7pm). Waxaan ka codsaneynaa dhamaan bulshado inay kasoo qeyb gasho. Waxa
Somali Famine Response Committee - ***(Past)***
In response to the devastating famine in Somalia, the K-W Somali Community board formed a drought committee of seven members. The major task of this group is to create public awareness on the famine in Somalia and mobilize the resources of the reg
Friday July 29 - Somalia Drought victims fund raising - After prayer - ***(Past)***
Waxaan dhamaan jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed ee Waterloo ku nool ogeysiinaynaa in Jimcaha July 29 loo aruurinayo deeq lacag ah oo loo aruurinayo musiibada Soomaaliya ku habsatay. Waxaa laga aruurinya masjid Kitchener iyo kan waterloo. Waxaa lacagta laga
Muxaadaro Sh. Moxammed Cabdullahi Sunday July 10 @ 7pm - Waterloo Masjid - ***(Past)***
Waxaan dhamaan Bulshada Soomaaliyeed ee ku nool Kitchener-Waterloo ugu bishaareeneynaa in muxaadaro uu noosoo jeedin doono Shiikh Mohammed Abdullahi oo nagasoo booqday Edmonton, AB. Shiikh: Mohammed Abdullahi Sunday July 10 @ 7:00pm
Notice of meeting between SCAWR and Somali women - Sat, June 25 @ 5pm - ***(Past)***
Ogeysiin Kulan Waxaan ogeysiineynaa hooyooyinka iyo dhamaan dumarka soomaaliyeed ee gobolka Waterloo inuu dhici doono kulan ku saabsan wax qabsiga bulshada gobolka waterloo. Wakhtiga iyo meesha kulanka: Sabti June 25 @ 5:00pm - Masjid ka
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Homework Assistant Program
A R Kaufman Public School (11 Chopin Drive Kitchener) and and Laurenntian Public School (777 Westmount Rd E, Kitchener) Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm - Oct. 1 to June 20

Barnaamijka cawimaada waxbarasho

Youth Sports Program

Queensmount Public School
Saturday/Sabtida - 7:30PM - 10:30PM

Somali Language School
Forest Heights Collegiate Institute (255 Fischer Hallman Road, Kitchener)Saturdays/Sabtida - 9:00AM - 11:30AM - Starting Saturday Sept. 15

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